Why Choose Flutes selected by me?

Why you shouldn’t buy Flutes from a Music-Shop or a Flute-maker directly if you are a beginner  – Read on to find the answer!

This is Sriharsha. I keep getting a lot of questions on how to select a Flute, where do I purchase good quality flutes or even which flute is suggested for a beginner. These questions are usually asked by absolute beginners or intermediates that have limited or zero knowledge about the instrument. These questions are not really easy to answer. Practically speaking, there are lot of parameters that needs to be checked before buying a flute which an absolute beginner might not know.

Let me quickly explain you a scenario – When you decide to learn this instrument, you will search in the Google to understand the nearest Music shop that sells flute. The music shop XYZ might claim that he has tie-ups with top flute makers in India and might show you the collection flutes that he has. You are not sure which flute is best suggested for a beginner and not even sure what parameters needs to be checked and might end up buying a low quality Flute.

Let me explain you what happens in the back-end. The Music shop XYZ, places an order of 300+ flutes to a renowned Flute Maker ABC and asks the flute maker to deliver the flutes in a weeks’ time or even lesser time frame. The flute maker ABC unfortunately doesn’t spend quality time in crafting these flutes. For each flute, he would probably spend around 20min.

Another scenario, if you work with the Flute maker directly, you might still end up getting a flute which is not worth the money you pay (no offence to any flute makers) Since you are not experienced enough to play some ragas to test it and also you do not know all the parameters that need to be checked I would not recommend you buy from the flute maker directly.
The same flute maker when he gets an order from an experienced flute player like me takes 2 – 3 days for crafting just one flute. Right from choosing the seasoned Bamboo, the flute is beautifully crafted with desired tonal quality and is perfectly tuned for my requirement. He charges a Premium Price from me. But, trust me; these flutes are worth every penny.
Soon after I get the flutes in my hand, I personally check them for all parameters and also test them in my fully equipped recording studio for tonal quality and tuning. Since most of the beginners and intermediates struggle to get the quality flutes, I decided to start a new firm to help you all!
So, here is what I plan to do – At present, I am working with top flute makers across India and I’m stocking some high quality premium flutes under both North Indian Bansuri and South Indian Carnatic category. These flutes undergo vigorous testing before it reaches you. I personally test them for quality and tuning and analyze them in my fully equipped recording studio.

Sriharsha Ramkumar

Born in a family of musicians, Music is a divine blessing for Sriharsha. He is born and raised in Bangalore, His father Sri. K. S. Ramkumar is a trained South Indian Carnatic Mridangam (South Indian Percussion) artist. With his father’s continuous guidance, Interest towards South Indian Carnatic Flute developed for Sriharsha at a tender age of 4 and began his formal training at the age 6 from Vidwan Sri. Srinivas Murthy. His 1st performance was when he was 10 years. He is an Engineer by profession and continues to pursue his passion towards music by teaching and giving concerts.